Become a ‘6-Figure Investor’ in 12 months

(Using LOW RISK/ No or low money down, strategies)

Let’s do this!

You are sitting on the edge of changing your future and making big things happen for you and your investing income.
You are about to see that the MODEL you use and STEPS you take can change your life quickly.    

This program teaches you how to use vendor finance strategies to profit from property you don't own - how to control properties for their cashflow or capital growth, how to buy properties without you needing to go the bank. How to flip properties without having to BUY the property, how to JV with Sellers where both of you can profit...  

                  This course will get you STARTED QUICKLY to implement the 3 Core elements of your '6-Figure Investor' Plan - and the first milestone is to get you to $100k income from property within 12 Months.

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Your '6-Figure investor' Plan Unveiled.

Here are the 3 CORE elements we will work on with you in the program.

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Marketing for Seller leads, Building Authority and Installing Automation. 

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Talking to Sellers, Analysing the numbers, and Making Irresistible Offers. 

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Getting the right legal documents in place, Deciding which Exit Strategy to use, and leveraging for growth.

A detailed, complete and step-by-step course, designed to assist you invest in property using low-risk, low investment, strategies.                                                                                                                                                                                                This online program encompasses the 3 core elements and NINE STEPS that you can follow so you can start putting deals together straight away. They are delivered by video and worksheets in your private and secure Members’ Area.
All are designed to get you STARTED QUICKLY... attracting and talking to Sellers, putting Offers and deals together so you can  get to  ‘6-Figures in 12 Months’, or even sooner.
To get the results you want, it is ACTION that you need to take and its easier to take ACTION if you know the next step you need to take.



Highly recommended! I am paying for my program out of my first deal.
- Sharlene C. NSW


3 Seller Contracts in One Week!
- Ronie J. NSW


This program is an awesome business model It’s been structured perfectly...


​I love the practical nature of the course. I was able to start working on putting Lease Option deals together straight away and I've learned a huge amount already. I have one lease option under contract now and I'm working towards more deals. I've had a huge amount of support and guidance from Deanne in putting deals together and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the program to anyone who seriously wants to make money using Lease Options.
​​- LJ. New Zealand


​I GOT MY FIRST SIGNED OFFER BACK!! Now to hit another massive learning curve - marketing the property and sourcing Tenant/Buyers!!
​- Helen T. NSW


​GREAT FRIDAY...just got off the phone to my coast seller he has verbally agreed on my sending my third offer and HOA through to him now:) Will be a great weekend!!!
​- Nicole C. New Zealand

​got questions?

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting the '6-Figure Investor Program. We’re happy to answer any you have!

What is a Vendor Finance ?

Vendor Finance, also known as Owner Finance or Seller Finance, is where the owner of the property finances the purchaser instead of the bank.  

Is there really such a thing as a No Money Down property?

Yes, there are a number of different Vendor Finance strategies and some of them require no upfront money from the purchaser.

If you are an investor and can no longer get access to bank finance, there are amazing opportunities to grow your portfolio using Vendor Finance - essentially, use 'Other People's Money'. ​

Will this Work for Me? I have never done a property deal before.

Absolutely. It’s a simple process once you understand the steps and I will also introduce you to my network of contacts (lawyers, brokers etc), so you know you are dealing with professionals who understand Vendor Finance and how the paperwork needs to to structured, right from the beginning.

Will this work in my Area?

Yes. It works well in all markets; better in falling markets. Because of the technology we now have available to us, you can do these deals remotely as well, so if your usual market is not providing you enough leads, you can look elsewhere. You never have to SEE the house, meet the Seller or even show the house. 

There are some restrictions for some strategies in South Australia and Victoria, so if you live there, you need to be comfortable with doing deals in different States. Personally, I do most of my deals remotely and I will show you how you can do it as well.

Do I Need any Money to get Started?

Legally, you can control a property using one strategy, a lease option with just $1. Personally, I offer a couple of thousand dollars to the Seller but I rarely pay that using my own money, and I will show you how to do that as well.

How is the '6-Figure Investor' program different from other property investing programs?

The Program focuses on the different vendor finance strategies. You will not find this type of training anywhere else.

The model focuses on the 3 CORE AREAS and the NINE STEPS you need to take to get deals done quickly.  ATTRACT (Sellers and Buyers), CONTROL (Talking to Sellers, Doing the Numbers, and Making Offers and PROFIT (which vendor finance strategy will you use, contracts and agreements and, when you are ready, how to leverage).

The way we market for Sellers and, sometimes, Tenant/Buyers, and the way we convert leads into deals is quick, with little to none of your own money required, and with very little risk.

The program is written for people with no experience using vendor finance as an investing strategy. If you are a beginner, then my program is a great place for you to start.

How long do I need to spend doing this every week to get results?

There are nine modules and you’ll be able to finish watching each Module in a couple of hours. Each module has several videos. Each video is less than an hour length. Some modules have worksheets for you to go through and checklists for you to learn. Once you have watched the videos, you then need to take action as well, so you need to commit to that. You need to commit to 4 - 6 hours a week whilst you are doing the course and learning the steps. Want results quicker? Spend more time taking action.

How long is the Program?
The program is yours forever, so you can work through it as quickly, or slowly, as you like. 


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