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If you’re a property investor, or you’ve researched property investing, you’ve probably come across the following piece of advice…

Find motivated sellers.

Now, most investment professionals will tell you that finding motivated sellers means you pay less for the property. Again, we’re talking about the traditional route here.

The idea is that somebody who’s motivated to sell will offer their property at a lower price if you give them something in return.

Usually, that’s a fast deal. Quick Cash for a lower, often below market value, price.

But at Creative Property Academy, we look at motivated sellers in a different way.

First, let’s define what a motivated seller is.

It’s simply somebody who NEEDS to sell their property, but hasn’t been able to. These sellers are motivated by time or money. Often both.

And there are likely many of these people in your chosen area. There are always people who struggle to sell, for whatever reason.

Now, you’re not necessarily looking for these sellers so you can get a discount. Remember that you’re not always going to buy their property with your own money.

You want to find these sellers because they’re the most open to creative ideas.

Traditional methods haven’t worked for these sellers. They’ve put their property on the market and have gotten nothing back.

That means they’re willing to listen to alternatives.

And then you come along with this idea for vendor finance. Or you want to create a lease option or use some other creative technique.

A lot of sellers will say “No,” if they don’t feel motivated enough. If they’re getting offers and the traditional route is working for them, they probably won’t entertain your ideas.

But the motivated sellers?

They have a problem – and you’re coming to them with a creative solution. At the very least, they’re going to listen to what you have to say.

This is how you find your way in. It’s with these sellers that you can structure some creative financing arrangements. They will get market value for their property and their problem solved, and you get to buy or control the property without needing your own mortgage.

You just need to know how to find them.

Just a quick note, a motivated property SELLER is different to a motivated property OWNER, and that is a topic for a different blog.

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