The Banks Want Us to Fail

Now…I want to ask you a question…

Have you ever felt like the banks want you to fail?

A lot of investors do.

It can feel like you’re in a constant war with your bank. No matter what you try to do, they’re always pushing back against you.

They set interest rates so high that you struggle to make repayments.

They refuse loan applications you feel certain should get accepted.

The banks control the money. And, as the masters of your financial destiny, they get to decide if you succeed or fail.

It can leave you feeling like success is out of your control.

Like you’re not blazing your own path through the investment world. Instead, you’re having some massive, faceless financial institution throwing up hurdles every step of the way.

Do you know what?

I believe you.

I believe that the banks don’t really want us to succeed.

After all, there’s no profit for them in success. There’s no profit in people who have plenty of money.

Their profit comes from people who accumulate debt.

It comes from people who need the loans they offer.

The banks want to keep you in debt because that means you’re constantly in need.

At Creative Property Academy, we do things differently.

We put you in control of your own financial destiny. 

We guide you through the murky world of real estate investment so you can come out shining on the other side.

And on the few occasions that we do use the banks… 

That’s exactly what we do – use them. We make them work for you, rather than you going to them in a position of need.

You want to find out more, right?

In future blog posts, I’m going to dig into some of the ways you can invest without a massive cash input.

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