October 15, 2019



How to  Invest in Property the Creative Way! 

#1  Online Training Program for Investors using Vendor Finance strategies in Australia and New Zealand


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Become a Successful Creative Property Investor!

Increase your income using low risk property investing strategies, work
when (and how) you want, and give yourself (and your family) the life you want.
Creative Property investing is designed specifically for you.


The CREATIVE Property Investor philosophy is simple



Marketing for Seller leads, Building Authority and Installing Automation. 



Talking to Sellers, Analysing the numbers, and Making Irresistible Offers. 



Getting the right legal documents in place, Deciding which Exit Strategy to use, and leveraging for growth.

When you know how to ATTRACT Motivated Seller leads consistently, CONVERT those leads into deals, and know how to PROFIT from those deals, you will have all the resources and tools you need to create a 6-Figure income using low risk, low investment strategies.


The Creative Property Investor Hub is an online program that has everything you need to get started building your portfolio and creating cash flow using vendor finance, fast.


Join the elite online coaching program, Ultimate Creative Property Investor, to turn your knowledge into a 6-Figure a year business that does more deals and gets you remarkable results. 

Creative Property Academy, led by Deanne de Leeuw, is a community that provides courses, tools and resources for property investors so they can become successful property investors using Vendor Finance strategies. If you’re looking to create freedom for yourself through investing in property using low risk, and often no money (which means No Banks!), then 6-Figure Property Investor is designed specifically for you.


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